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Swedish Relaxing oil full body soft hands massage

1hour £80+

Chinese Tuina oil relaxing medium massage

1hour £80+

Deep tissue strong massage

1hour £100+


Massage Start from £150+ only.

Travel fee £5 to £20 ,Depends how far.

Travel fee Pay in advance via Paypal.

Longer or shorter massage are also available, please call/text phone for details.

Additional service: 

Do you feel Lonely due to covid working at home alone? Would you like to have the feeling, just for one day, or having a gf by your side via cam video? I'm launching a new service where, for a fee to be payed in advance, I will be your whatsapp gf for one day. You can tell me your secrets, your desired, and I will make you feel wanted, I will  make you feel desired.

Price: 100 pounds per hour

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